Men’s & 35+ League Registration Rules

The Vision Statement

Bring together the body of Christ through sports, in a fair and grace-oriented environment. It’s about sharing Christ through the fellowship of sports.

Mission Statement

To promote Christian fellowship, build Christian character, self-discipline, ethical behavior, environment of grace, outreach/nurture ministries and team-building.

Registration rules:

  1. Online credit card is the only form of payment accepted. There will be no refunds.
  2. Registration fees are due before a player plays OR the Saturday before the third game at 11:59pm.
  3. Use the Men’s Team Registration or the 35+ Team Registration link to register a team for play.
    • There must be at minimum of 8 players to form a team.
    • Once a player is on your roster and has played a game you cannot drop or replace them.
  4. Players must be 6’2 or under.
    1. Exceptions: Players that are members of any SDA Filipino church in Southern California.
  5. One player between 6’2 and 6’4 or under is allowed per team.
  6. For 35+ league: all players must be 35 or above in September of active league year.
  7. A spouse of a LLFC member will be considered a LLFC member.
  8. Any minor (17 and under) whose parent is a LLFC member will be considered a LLFC member.