2019 Season Schedule is live

The 35+ schedule is live.

We do not have a men’s league this year due to lack of teams signing up.

The youth teams will craft their own schedule rotation as their teams start to solidify.

Check under the “Games” menu to see your schedule.  Thank you for your patience.

Youth Volleyball Clubs

Club season is back at LLFC!! We are excited about the upcoming year and ready to play some great volleyball!

This year we will be having a kick off day, Thursday, November 29th! This is an opportunity for parents to sign up their players and ask any questions.

We will be running practices a little different this year and putting players on teams as soon as possible.

We will also be hosting two tournaments and hoping to attend two more, for a total of four tournaments. Due to the number of interested participants, we will schedule practices for either Tuesday or Thursday.

In preparation for the season we are offering three clinics in November for only $30 total! Of course, you are welcome to attend one or all three, individual clinics are $15 each.

Please see below for intro and registration information!

Volleyball Clubs 2018-2019

Mens and 35+ Schedules updated (9/5/18)

It was brought to our attention a few errors in our remaining schedule. Please look at the remaining dates and games for both leagues.

Men’s Schedule

Last game of the season was changed from September 30th to September 23rd.

35+ Schedule

Last game of the season on September 30th was dropped, September 23rd is now last game of season. At the beginning of the season there was a bye each week so we needed 11 weeks to play 10 games. The bye was dropped, but we never changed the season back to 10 games.

7/15/18 Schedule is now posted

So sorry to everyone for the delay in our schedule this year!  We have two new teams joining us this weekend both from the Valley Fellowship church.  They have one team each in men’s and 35+.  I have this weekend’s games posted and will post the rest of the season this weekend!

Check under the “Games” menu to see your schedule.  Thank you for your patience.

Sunday’s Schedule (7/8/18)

35+ & Men’s full season schedules will be up in the next few days.

35+ League

Uncle Boy vs. D’Ciples 2.0 Court 1 3pm
SWISH vs. Moreno Hills Court 2 3pm
WATERMAN vs. Sparkle Hard Court 1 4pm
Balleros vs. SHOHOKU Court 2 4pm
Regulatorz vs. Go Daddy Court 2 5pm

Men’s League

Valley Fellowship vs. Men’s INDO Court 1 5pm
La Roja vs. TBE Court 1 6pm
24 Hours vs. HOOPAHOLICS Court 2 6pm

Youth League