URGENT CAPTAIN’S MEETING, Wednesday, July 6 @ 7 pm

URGENT for all captains who are REGISTERED to play this 2016 year to please send a representative for the CAPTAINS MEETING tonight JULY 6 at the LLFC Conference Room @ 7 PM. Conference Room is in the Church, first door to your right as you come into the lobby.

We have 5 Men’s League (18+) and 8 Senior League (35+). Bring a copy of the Rules and your questions.

The league starts this Sunday, July 10. Time: It may be crazy, but we’re wondering if morning games are possible rather than afternoon games. It must be unanimous vote. Deadline is at noon today so that teams can plan their schedules. That’s why it’s important for your captain or representative to be there tonight!

1. Playing Time Survey
2. Your Questions,
3. Review Rules.

STRICT ENFORCEMENT: After the first game, NO PAY, NO PLAY will be strictly enforced by Mark Fletcher, Website/Co-Administrator.

Please TEXT ME @ 951-543-2227 that you read this and will send a REP.

If you’ve registered, you’ll get a text from me about tonight’s important captains meeting.

Yours truly,

Pastor Daniel Belonio, Administrator/Commissioner


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